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Introduction to text in Web Design

Introduction to text in Web Design

Introduction to text in Web Design

Introduction to text in Web Design

As you know a good website is rich in original text.


Often it happened to us to seek certain information on the net, and when we found the website that can give us that information, we noted that the data provided is very difficult to read and follow, not well structured or organized in a certain way.


Although that site contained the information we need it has only served to annoy us. Therefore, we must not forget that unhappy users do not return your web page.


If the main purpose of accessing a site is represented by finding some information that someone needs, then creating a website should be that of providing information to find easy and useful.


In this context, the following question arises:

How should we create the text of your site so that whoever accesses should easily find information they need?


With CSS you can define:


1. If the text is light in color and contrast with the background small, the space must be right. If the text is dark and the contrast is high, the space between words should be increased to be more readable.


2. To bold font, the space between words should be higher for the same reason.


3. Em unit is a measure for height, you can increase the size of the letters. For example, if the font size is 12px, the size of all of em will be 1em.

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