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SEO is an acronym and stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO means a set of actions carried out in order to manipulate the favorable ranking keyword relevant site and industry in the search engines.


The purpose of SEO is to bring relevant traffic to your site. Relevant traffic is traffic that generates results for you and your business!

Ranking means the position of the keyword in the search engine. The position is your site for a particular keyword.



We will explain how we work:

1. Choosing keywords(preferably we do a study to see what are the perfect keywords for your business).

2. We analyze your website and the current level of promotion it has on the web. At the same time analyze the top 10 websites competing in detail. Based on this information we build a report and we get to work.

3. Make the necessary changes to your website so that it is in direct competition trend and we start promoting. This step generates some costs, depending on the workload.

4. We begin active promotion stage. We usually set two goals: 1 objective - page 2-3 of google and other objective TOP 10 Google.


Price is calculated based on competition. The results can be verified any time by searching all targeted words in Google.

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