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Working in a web design agency

Working in a web design agency

Working in a web design agency

As a designer


Stepping for the first time in an agency of web design might be discouraging


Noting only people who are probably more time than you in the industry and probably know more things than you know in the field of design.


Reasons why a designer comes in an agency varies, either because of money or because it wants to make a career out of it and going as employment in an agency. Whatever the reason, today we analyze the good and a little less good parts when it comes to working in an agency, so you can know what to expect.


An agency environment


Coming from an environment of freedom, the idea of working in one location for 7 - 8 hours per day can be discouraging to not only web designers, but in general for any person who is the first job. 


One of the biggest benefits we have working at an agency is professional and even socializing with colleagues. Many designers prefer to work in an agency even if working hours are not as flexible as when working as a freelancer, but being part of a company will be able to work on large projects that have not been caught as a freelancer, making work more interesting and more satisfying. Another advantage of working at a web design company is the safety and fluidity of projects and money.


What to expect

In general, as a web designer or programmer in a web agency you will work in small teams consisting of 2 - 4 people and a manager.

For small agencies some people will adopt several roles, both designer and programmer, or SEO consultant.


Regardless of everyone's points of view, work in a web design agency will specialize you even more in what you do, in what you love, overcoming challenges.

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