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Google promotion with Adwords

Google promotion with Adwords

Google promotion with Adwords

Did you know that the Internet in the United Kingdom has surpassed all other ways to advertise a business? Did you know that it is possible to attract customers immediately from online? Did you know that online ads can be built according to your budget?


If you have products that people need, if you want to be different from your competition we help with Google AdWords to get enough exposure to the public that you need. AdWords is the right solution for attracting customers in the shortest time possible./p>


COZY WEB DESIGN CO UK has the skills necessary to successfully achieve your Adwords campaign:

  • We study the right keywords for your business;
  • We set goals with you;
  • We advise throughout the conduct and deployment of this campaign against a monthly maintenance commission.

Worldwide, while offline media (traditional) registered a stagnation or even a decrease in advertising costs in the online environment they have signed a noticeable upward trend, and so will continue because this is the future.


What is Google Adwords?


AdWords is contextual advertising service offered by Google. At first, it was centered AdWords Google search engine, showing relevant ads for users to search.


Meanwhile, the service has evolved and began offering other options companies - for example, promoting contextual sites in the Google Network, but the basic principles remain the same, and Adwords is still one of the safest and most effective ways to make your ad on the Internet.



Do you get annoyed by advertisements during movies or unsolicited e-mails you receive each day? That's because they have no connection with the problems you have at the moment.

In AdWords things are completely different. When a Google user searching "computer hardware" AdWords ads will appear right next to the normal but on top of the page. Advertising is perfectly adapted to the need of the seeker, and there are much better chance to win a new customer.



You decide everything - what keywords will trigger your ad, how you will pay for each visitor, which is the geographical area that will display ads, time and date, and many other aspects.

In addition, we can give you detailed reports about what is happening, so that you can adapt quickly to changing markets.


How much does this cost?

Pay only the results because each click from the ads is a potential client. For a small montly fee we can make the campaign for you, the price depends on the keywords and competition that word has.

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