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Promoting a Website in 3 steps

Promoting a Website in 3 steps

Promoting a Website in 3 steps

1. Traffic analysis. The first thing we do before investing money in promoting is to find a method to analyze what visitors do on your website. Now we use several methods like Google Analytics to understand in depth and to see how your website is positioned between profile and such sites in your industry.


2. Build a PPC(Pay-per-click) campaign.


PPC is influenced by the value of the asset range and convinces that the first thing to do is to generate visitors, contacts. Contracts is marketing pay per click (PPC). Besides the obvious advantages there are two other major benefits:


  • PPC is excellent due to Geolocation advertising display which allows only a certain geographical area, so if you start a business it operates only in a certain area, this advantage makes this "weapon" to be perfect
  • Even if you have a small budget, information that you gather behind such a campaign will prove extremely important in developing your business and website further. A home budget would be about 400 pounds / month for promotion and 100 pounds for building campaigns.

3. Investing in the development of partner links.


On the Internet, just as in the cinema or in any industry, it starts with your friends' recommendations or rather "tell me who your friends are so I can tell you who you are", so we recommend those who represent you. Based on this simple philosophy of value for partners to establish partner links is among the first things we will do.


The links are more or less valuable depending on the following indicators: the included relevance of your site without value partner site for search engines (Google Page Rank), the amount of traffic that the partner site has and last but not least capital positioning image that can be offered on that site.


All these indicators represent a starting point in developing link building strategy which will aim to quantify the transfer of traffic, better positioning on search engines, and capital transfer image (positive or negative depending on the selection and media plan developed)


This "weapon" has a monthly cost of marketing as a link building budget, cost of consultancy for planning and resources involved in negotiating and concluding partnerships. Google and other search engines do not like buying partner links, even in a period of time it was rumored a downgrad of these sites abusers and their work focuses on selling links, therefore the partner sites and recommended sites can thus be downgraded.

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